Art is Freedom…

But I’ve always been more of the science geek.

I’ve always craved to know the answers — What the body is. How we biologically survive.  Why we dream.

What I failed to realize, however, is that it is the arts that give true meaning and purpose to humanity. Art illustrates what the human mind; the imagination, is capable of. Art is how we view the world. Art is sincere worth in life. Art is genuine love. Art is joy. Art is confidence. Art is expression of emotions and thoughts. Art is a language of its own.

I say this because about half a year ago, I decided to challenge myself and try out something new. I’ve always known what I want in life. I want to be a doctor. I am going to be a doctor. Hence, I’ve never really cared about the arts. Science has always been my world, and to me, it was the higher form of knowledge. How wrong I was!

(Flashback to six months ago…)

Music is everywhere in our world. We breathe music. We live in music. We feel music. It’s timeless, necessary, and beautiful. Thus, joining my school’s choir was the first step I took as I embarked on this peculiar journey.

I took an interest in violin as well. Bowing my strings, chills traveling down my arm, patience, discipline, broken fingernails, hours of practice, sore upper arms — all for the joy of mastering that difficult chord. All for the euphoric feeling that stems from the enchanting sound of my violin. For the first time in my life, I am not just listening to music, nor telling stories through my writing, but through my violin too!

I took an even greater risk, and jumped completely out of my comfort zone, by being part of the production staff for a magnificent play ‘Blue Stockings’ by Jessica Swale. I helped do the costumes, props, hair, quick changes, and makeup. Endless hours backstage. The anxiety leading up to the opening night. Exhaustion. But the joy at the end of it all, reflecting on all that we’d been able to achieve as a team, was so insurmountable that I’d do it all over again. The smiles and laughter in the audience, my costumes on stage, and more – a sense of accomplishment so rarely felt.

In addition, I created this blog, which helps me explore my creativity in the expression of my ideas. I’d write for multitudes of people, I’d write for a couple of people, but I’d also write for myself; simply because I love it. That’s art!

(…Fast forward to the present)

Lastly, guess what? I am enrolling in a dance class this spring. I guess we’ll see how that goes!

I feel very accomplished, and proud of my decision to try out new activities that would have never crossed my mind twice before. I will continue to explore this side of me, but I’m still going to be a doctor. And I’m still a science geek. For me, art has always been a scary subject, but after challenging myself, I have developed a newfound bliss in theatre, writing and music. Maybe dance too soon. The globe has so much to offer, and I’m loving the taste of both worlds!

Try new things. That’s the best way to grow. You are only confined by the walls you build yourself. Shock yourself, and try something different, anything, because that will lead you to the next version of yourself. In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

Art has helped me see the world from a whole new perspective, only because I was brave and willing to take the chance. Take the chance too. Do something that scares you. You’ll be glad you did. ♦

Inspired by: Blue Stockings – Jessica Swale



Click here to tell me of your thoughts, requests, risks you’ve taken in the past, risks you’re willing to take, risks you’re scared to take, or to ask questions. Anything! Also, click here to learn more about this blog, and be sure to check out my other blogs! ♥

Before I forget, make sure you all see Black Panther and celebrate black excellence! This movie is revolutionary and I totally recommend seeing it at least once (half a dozen times will do for me).

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  1. It’s encouraging to many out there reading such work .It inspires to know that you are the only one who yearns to understand humanity .Though I am your polar opposite, I see the need to venture into different ideas and acquire knowledge for the sake of expanding to scope. This is some good work boo.


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