Will the Black Society Continue to be Erased?…

Race. A controversial topic in today’s society.

I’m African black. That shouldn’t necessarily be a problem, but it unfortunately evokes a lot of squabble and prejudice in the first world. I didn’t choose who I am, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Unfortunately, over the past half a century, this bigotry has led to a sudden shift from the communal African community my ancestors grew in, to an envious, competitive one.

For the longest time, the white person has been viewed as superior to the person of color. This bias is undeniably existent, and as much as it’s not as ugly as it has been in the past, the consequences are indeed hideous.

In the black society, the term ‘colorism’ has been an adamant issue that needs to be  tackled with, especially among the female population, due to the inevitable interactions between dark-skinned women and light-skinned women. The truth is that it no longer is only about the inequity between the black and the white, but also increasingly about the inequity between the black themselves. Well-known, social influencers of the youth have been lightening their skin, imposing the idea that the lighter you are, the more successful you are deemed to be; the more westernized and thus, ‘modernized’ you are, the more prosperous you’ll be in life.

In the past and present, the interactions between the ‘affluent’ white and the ‘backward’ black have led to the degradation of the embracement of the African ethnicity – the culture, the religion, the language, the dressing, the hair, the skin. All in the view of becoming like the white, modern world, and gaining their respect rather than their discrimination, for example, President Trump blatantly referring to African nations as ‘shithole countries’.

Fascinatingly enough, though, is that in the hopes of ‘modernizing’, we, Africans, are not working together toward this obtuse goal that is the reality of our world, but instead, individually striving to be our most western selves, which happens to work against us rather than for us. Competition has become part of who we are – to be the lightest, the richest, the most ‘civilized’ – forgetting to adore and love ourselves in our skin, and appreciate our black community.

We need to open our eyes, be our truest selves, value our culture, and love each other. For our voice to be heard, we need to stand as one, because together we can do so much, and divided we are weak.

If you forget your roots, you’ve lost sight of everything.

What have we come to?

Will the black society continue to be erased?



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