As 2018 draws to a close…

Each year comes and goes, leaving behind, with each of us, myriads of individual lessons that we hope to carry along with ourselves into the new year and our lives ahead. Some of these lessons are as big as, perhaps, discovering a new talent, or as small as, maybe, learning how to fry some ever so sweet plantains. 2018 has been an interesting year for me, accompanied by a number of ups and downs from which I’ve grasped some lifelong lessons. Well, as this bockety year finally comes to an end, here are my top 7 takeaways:

1. Ticktock: There’s hardly enough hours in a day, let alone time in the world. You never know what’ll happen tomorrow. Make the most of each day.

2. …but in the midst, remember those dearest to your heart: Due to a lack of enough time, this year, I often neglected that which is most important to me: friends, my blog, sleep. Because of this, I grew distant with a few close friends and my life was regularly in a frenzy. If 2018 has taught me anything, it’s to prioritize. Know what matters most. Take care of that.

3. Friendships fade: I lost a few friends this year because of some misunderstandings and differences. While you should fight to keep those who you love in your life, sometimes it’s just time to let things go. You can’t force whatever was not meant to be. Time to shed old skin.

4. …but in the process, you form valuable and lasting relationships: Nevertheless, I became acquainted with and formed meaningful relationships with new people. There is always a silver lining – you never know who might just become your new best friend.

5. Try new things: I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone the most this year, and in most attempts, with utmost success. I’ve discovered some newfound passions and talents that I never knew I had, all because I tried. Some things seem out of your reach, but guess what, you’ll never know until you try.

6. Believe in yourself –  you are loved and deserving: People talk. Obstacles barricade. But that should never let you down. Know yourself. Love yourself. It’ll save you so much doubt and pain. You got this.

7. Lastly, have some fun while at it: I know there’s just not enough time in the world but for that exact reason should you enjoy every minute of your life. Prioritize but don’t forget to set some time to take care of yourself, have a laugh, or go out with some friends. It’s not that serious. Take it easy.

So these are my top 7 lessons from the year, but of course, there are so many more valuable lessons one can take away in 365 days. What are your most valuable lessons of the year? Let me know.


I hope you had a fulfilling year and are more than looking forward to the one that is nearing ahead. Look out for my next blog on my hopes for the new year over the next few days.

Remember, every end is a new beginning.

– Dashushka ♥

4 thoughts on “As 2018 draws to a close…

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  1. Timely blog Dasha! I learnt so many things one of them being hard work pays. Keep working hard in the new year and looking forward to more reads. Be blessed


  2. Yesss, I learnt that not everyone around you has your best interests at heart. But the best you can do is forget them and forge on. Okurrrr?


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