The Girl in Black…

If you know me, then you probably know that I’m the type of girl who would wear black on black on black, especially in the fall and winter months, with some of my friends even joking, “Dasha is the only person that I know who could wear all black, everyday, and still look good.” A good 1/2 of my closet, if I’m not wrong, should be composed of solely dark colors. More often than optimum, I wear all black. But most days, I wear mostly black (or grey) outfits, with maybe a hint of white or maroon. And even when my outfit is mostly non-black, I often have something black on. Of course, there are the few exceptional days when I have nothing black in my outfit. Trust me, I don’t go out to the mall solely to buy black clothes, but it kind of just happens. I do realize that most people associate black with sadness. If you know me, though, then you must also know that I almost always have a smile on my face. Is black sad, then? Continue reading “The Girl in Black…”

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