A few days ago, I was surprised when I came across an interesting and creative piece that my younger 13-year-old sister wrote. I thought it would be interesting to share it with you all:


As I walked down the dark alley, thoughts — dark thoughts — raced through my mind, and I just could not make them go away.

‘Would I make it out alive? Would they do me the mercy of sparing me my life?’ I pondered, making my way through the crowded streets of New York City.

Ah! New York — my home away from home — more or less where I had spent more than half of my life. I had schooled and worked in the city of hustle and bustle, the concrete jungles where dreams are made of, the place where there’s nothing you can’t do, the place where the streets make you feel brand new, the place where big lights will inspire you — oh! How I loved this city!

Ok… enough talk about ‘The Big Apple’. Let’s get to the reason why I was so anxious and afraid that I might not make it out alive to see the next day.


Yes, you heard me right. VAMPIRES! They exist! Why or how this is possible I am still yet to find out, but I was just as shocked as you are when I stumbled across one on a cold eerie night in 1902…

July 4th 1902, a day meant to be of excitement, joy, and the celebration of independence. But that was not the case for me. The events that took place on this fateful day still leave a deep scar in my heart; one that no matter how hard I try, I cannot erase.

-by Delcy Asienga.


I hope that you found this short piece engaging, interesting, and captivating because I certainly did. I would like to do a few more features of young people chasing their dreams and passions, so please continue to let me know of anyone who is doing just that. Don’t forget to comment below what you thought of the short piece and to check out my other blogs by clicking here. Until next Friday 🙂

-Dashushka ♥

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