A Tribute to my Late Grandmother…

My beloved paternal grandmother died on Saturday, 17th August, 2019 at 10:30 pm. She had been terminally ill the last month prior to her death. It was, and still is, difficult to come to terms with the fact that, because of unavoidable circumstances, I cannot attend her funeral this Saturday. It breaks my heart, and every time I think about it, tears well up in my eyes. Still yet, at least I was able to bid her my final goodbye before I left for school — that is something to thank God for.

To allow for some form of my presence at the funeral, my father decided that the least he could do was to dedicate a page on her funeral program to my tribute to her, which will then be read by my sister  at the church service and the funeral. Here it is, a fortnight after her demise, a day before her interment:

I lack adequate words to express the sorrow that I feel in my heart, but I choose to believe that you are in a better place. God has called you home. I didn’t have the privilege of spending a lot of time with you in my 17 years of life, but the few moments we shared both at home in Ebukoolo and in Nairobi will forever remain in my heart. I cherish the few stories that my father, Mr Asienga, has shared with me about his childhood, and one theme is constant in all of his stories: you were a strong woman, and I will forever admire you greatly for it. And I too can testify to your strength as a woman, a mother, a grandmother, and a great grandmother.

You loved us, your grandchildren, with all your heart, and you showed your love in the littlest to the biggest ways. I vividly remember whenever we visited Ebukoolo from Nairobi during the school holidays. You would always make sure that my sister Delcy and I had enough of the mangoes we so loved from the mango tree in the homestead. You made sure never to miss our big events as well — I’ve seen pictures of you at our dedications as little babies, my father’s graduation, and my primary school farewell party, to name a few. Even though my mother, Dr Irene Koech Asienga, Delcy, and I do not speak a lot of Kinyore, you ignored the language barrier and always tried to be part of our lives in every way that you could. And not to forget your love for God. I never doubted that you wished me well and that I was always in your prayers, both in the good times and the bad times. Even in your last days, you never forgot to utter a meek prayer for me. This is just a fraction of how you showed your love, but one thing is for sure: your departure has surely left an irreparable hole in my heart, and we will forever miss your love, your big heart that would always strive to maintain peace in the home, and your strong presence.

I cried painfully when I could not attend your last event on earth. During your long and fruitful life, through your actions, you taught us how to love, to work hard, to make peace, and to fear God. But if there is one thing that you wished and prayed for your grandchildren, it was that we went to school and took the best advantage of the education that was provided to us. My eternal promise to you is that I will continue to work hard in school and serve as a role model for my sister Delcy, and others, so that we may continue to do you proud from wherever you are watching over us.

We would have wished that you would have lived longer to witness our accomplishments, but it is God Himself who blesses us with life, and He has accomplished His will. There is a season for everything, and the season for you to be with the Lord is here. We cannot complain, but only be grateful for you have been with us this long. (2 Timothy 4:7) You have fought the good fight, you have finished the race, and you have remained faithful. Rest in Peace.

From Dasha Muyanzi Cherono “Anindo”, or “mami” as my grandmother would often call me.


RIP grandmother.

Disclaimer: I decided to interrupt the 4-part series on Valerie Musyimi due to an unexpected and unforeseen situation. That series will continue with part 3 next Friday, September 6th.

– Dashushka ♥

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